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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING=
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Matt Johnson
Espn Online article featuring Matt: Don't icefish without jigs & spoons By Tom Behrens. So Matt isn't really a Bass Pro but he's a good guy and great fisherman. I wonder if I'll see him this year on the lakes or not. Among other things Matt is the commissioner of the Ultimate Panfish League.

4 Gamers

This is a fishing game that you can download and that will give you hours of fun, so why not become a real true angler with this very addictive game...

Fishing Game Download via Marks Fishing Blog

Daily BP reading assignment:

Daily Bassdozer Article: Bass Fishing in Winter by Charles Stuart
Daily Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide Article:Choosing Winter Lures by Joseph Raines

A couple of sites for the ladies Lady Bass Angler and FisherGirl

Death of a Blog???? Say it ain't so!

Bish on Myth:

... the anecdotal evidence is overwheming that fish often start feeding more aggressively as barometric pressure drops, this being true in both fresh and salt water. But the myth given to explain this behaviour is just that, a myth. It may be a myth that has in fact hindered us from exploring this aspect of fishes' behaviour more fully, and more accurately.

Moldy Chum has lots of good stuff on today's docket:
A Fish Called Allah
Tied to Tradition
Fishing with a Disco Ball Part Deux
Ask Ian?
Fly-fishing with flair

Don't foget that the $5000 FLW Fishing Challenge deadline for Lake Murray is Midnight.

Win Trip With Dean Rojas from Spro

News for Co-Anglers via BassFan
Co-anglers who fish the Stren Series have a new prize to shoot for this year. Evinrude and Stren will offer the new "Ultimate Fishing Package" contingency award to the co-angler who amasses the most points this season, regardless of division. The package includes a fully rigged Ranger boat powered by an Evinrude E-TEC engine and a $1,000 tackle package from Stren.

To participate, co-anglers who advance past the cut must wear an
Evinrude/Stren shirt and cap onstage. They must also fish with Stren line.

According to FLW Outdoors, the co-angler who earns the most points at the conclusion of the season will win the award package. Points may not be added from one division to another. Largest 1-day weight will settle ties.

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Dean Rojas
Gary Dobyns

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