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Monday, February 20, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING Classic Edition:
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Rick Clunn
For those of you that don't know Rick Clunn was voted and is the Greatest Tournament Bass Angler of all time. It is amazing to me that an angler of his standing and wealth does not have a better website to promote both himself and the sport of bass fishing. The site has obviously not been updated in a couple of years. This is a sad testimony to the fact that Bass Fisherman as a demographic do not seem to understand the WWW potential as a bass fishing resource and commodity. Maybe someday, but as for now Bass Fishermen are well behind the curve.

Do you have your ESPN/BASS Fantasy Bass Fishing line up's in yet? Join the Posse at Public League "fishers of men."

Is the Bass Fishing blog of Kevin Short/Short to the Point done for? He has not blogged there since 1/11 and now he has a piece at that says he is a " analyst." Time will tell.

Also with Classic coverage this week are Bass Zone and

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