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Monday, February 06, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING=
Gotta give the Kid Props again.
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John Billheimer Jr
BassFan story of the Havasu Western Stren Here

Daily Bassdozer Article: Winter Bass: Stifle the Action for Ice Colds

Kids getting in on the Classic Action! via Hella Bass R.T.B.F.B. Blog

WEATHER: No ice, no fishing. via Fishing Jones

A new fishing blog to check out TCPalm Fishing & Boating blog. Hat Tip Fishing Jones.

Moldy Chum has a new page header.

FLW hints and tips for Lake Murray Fishing Challenge Fantasy Bass Fishing. via BP's Fantasy Bass HQ.

I have finaly gotten around to reviewing my fishing goals of 2005. Go see which goals were met and which were not even close.

Newswire for Bassin Geeks (from BassFan)
SPRO signs Dobyns

2/6/2006SPRO announced that it's signed western legend Gary Dobyns to its national pro staff.

"Gary is arguably the best West Coast bass fisherman of all time," said SPRO national sales manager Tim Norman. "His years of product development experience will be a huge benefit as SPRO continues to bring exciting new products to market. Gary has already started working on two new projects for SPRO."

Other SPRO pro-staff members are Roland Martin, Charlie Ingram, Dean Rojas, John Crews and Bill Siemantel.

BP's opinion: this is a loss for SnagProof, who Dobyns used to promote. That Bronze Eye Frog does look like a winner, but the price points (scroll down) will keep me in SnagProofs corner for now.

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Check into the interview with Aaron "Spin" Martens on BassFan Radio.

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