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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Breaking News: (pun) BassFan is reporting that Mike "IKE" Iaconelli has been dumped by Ranger Boats for his behavior at the just concluded BassMasters Classic despite an apology by Ike.

For those who do not know: Ike forgot to turn on his livewell and his fish were near death with possibly a couple having expired. Ike went berzerk and kicked the transom light post, which also had an American Flag attached; The light post bent badly. Ike then proceeded to rip it out of it's hole, break the pole in two, and throw it down in the middle of his boat all the while yelling profanities. He also may have thrown a dead fish or two back in the lake which would have been a tournament rule violation. Anyhow Ike had his weight disqualified for the day for violating the Sportsmanship Rules. Ike ended up finishing last.

FYI-He was fishing out of a Triton, not a Ranger at the time

Basically I haven't spoken out about the incident because I didn't care that much. I see it as a case of Ike the attension whore extrodrinaire doing what an attension whore will do for money. Looks like this stunt will actually cost him, beyond that DQ and last place. Probably deserves it for leaving his Fantasy Bass owners hanging in the wind like that. And no, he was not one of the Posse's picks. Actually I don't think being dropped by Ranger is that big of a deal so long as he keeps most of his other sponsors, which he probably will. Ike is an elite pro and has to have had accumulated quite a bit of wealth at this point. He won $200,000 at the Potamac River FLW Chevy Open just last year. Ike is an obnixious and arrogant pud, maybe this will knock him down a peg or two.

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