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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Full On Classic Coverage Day 3 BP Style

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Can Terry Scroggins bag a huge sack and close the 5lb gap between himself and Luke Clausen to complete the biggest comeback in Classic History?

#1 Espn "On the Water" Live Leaderboard
#2 Odds on Favorites
#3 TV coverage of the final weigh in starts at 5:30 Eastern on the ESPN Flagship.
#4 For comprehensive Day 3 coverage, go here.

Classic Bloggers Update: Ezods is BMC Blogging

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Uglo Klunkasaurus

Speaking of the Uglo- Someone there has cut and pasted the content off of the Official ESPN Bass Insider Classic (disgrace of a...) Blog, Way to go!

Lots of interest in this theft. For instance:
Posted 6:10 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25, by Alan Clemons FLW Tour anglers Luke Clausen and Ron Shuffield are leading the Classic. If either one wins, it will be a public relations nightmare for BASS in the coming season. Clausen is sponsored by FLW entities and doesn't give a rip about BASS. This merely is bonus money for him. Shuffield has made no bones about his departure from BASS, through which he made his name, and has told just about anyone who will listen this week all his reasons for switching. Whoever wins, wins. So be it.

Interesting yes, worth paying for??? Put advertising on the page and a contribute button then ESPN will have a blog worth linking too.

OK More...
Damn, I just love fishing. Really. How can you not? Even if you're of the sit-on-the-bank relaxing mindset or a torqued-out monster bass guy or gal, what's not to like? You're outside. You're doing something that takes skill and refinement of those skills. You best a creature, an opponent, you cannot see. Tiger Woods, please make this 4-foot putt while blindfolded. Derek Jeter, please hit this curveball with one eye closed. Sasha Cohen, please skate the Olympic freestyle routine perfectly with dull blades on a rink that has not seen a Zamboni in two weeks. It must be ultra-quiet in the tennis court or golf course before the "pros" can make a shot. Hit the damn ball and quit belly-aching about the guy who sneezed. Anglers battle wind, cold, rain, summer heat, waves and equipment problems ... and they don't pitch hissy-fits.And fishing is an easy thing to pass on. You don't have to spend thousands on golf clubs, clothes, lessons, greens fees, the cart Junior ! ran into the lake and money for weekend tournaments. But you can teach a 4-year old to hold a cane pole or cast a Zebco 33 to catch bass, bluegill or cats. Cost for crickets? A coupla bucks. Cost for the rod or pole? Another coupla bucks. Memories made? Priceless.
Now that I've read more, the blogging is excellent. Worth having to pay up front to get, Nah! Blogging should be Freebird. One problem with this commentary, anglers definetely DO " pitch hissy fits" as Ike showed this week; I know I've pitched my share. Sometimes pitching the hissy fit is needed and part of the fun, definitely worth laughing about afterward; For instance that time I broke my rod and then spazzed out in front of a bunch of people at the Pike Creek in Kenosha Wis. That must have been hilarious to watch. Or what about that day Cyberfish went ballistic about not being able to drill all the way through the ice because he didn't have an auger extention, gut wrenchingly funny stuff. Yep some anglers do pitch hissy fits from time to time.

Well it's time to head over the Jenny's to watch the final weigh in, be back later Lord willing.

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