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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Sunday Prediction

Even though I've been a Steeler fan for all of my life and will be rooting for them today, I'm picking Seahawks in an upset 27-17.

FYI- I've decided to make sunday's, at least this one, a light blogging day thus no Pro Site ING's or Bassdozer articles.

BP Super Bowl Post Script: Neither team played all that well and the officiating was atrocious.
Offensive Pass interference call taking away Seahawk Touchdown-Joke!
Replay saying "Big Ben" crossed the goal line with the ball- Joke!
Overall I thought the Seahawks played better and were hammered by several key blown calls of the officials.

BP's Best Commercial: Budweiser's Baby Clydesdale.

BP's Worst Commercial: So lame that I can't recall what it was even for. In the absense of remembering that one. I'll say Jessica Simpson and the Pop Bites Pizza Hut. However there were others just as lame as this one. Aleve at the Star Trek Convension and MGD in the Grocery Store being among the stinkers that I remember.

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