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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Since You've been Gone

Sorry I've been gone, but I was down in the cities and had a priority of playing with my niece Isabelle Grace over the blogging thing.

BIG NEWS (JUST LATE): Bassmasters Classic Official Blog Wait DON'T CLICK! Cause all your gonna get is this blogging BS.

Posted 11:55 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 22, by Craig Lamb
Okay, so by now everybody's heard of "blogging" on the Internet. Everybody's doing it, even a Delta Airlines flight attendant who got fired for posting "unethical" pictures of herself in uniform on her personal blog. So much for freedom of speach. So now we're giving it a go with bass fishing, and specifically on BASS INSIDER. Check out the posts in the coming days. We're going to tee off on whatever comes to mind, good, bad or ugly.
After that is an advertisement for the Bass Insider Magazine of which you must be a subscriber to access the blog. YOU GOTTA FRICKEN BE KIDDING ME, HOW LAME IS THAT! And how stupid anyone would have to be to pay for the Bass Insider content in the first place unless you really wanted the magazine. The only redeeming factor is that speech was mispelled.

For genuine Bassmaster Classic Blogging it looks like it's me, Hellabass, BassFan Big Sticks-Jay Yelas, Anyone know of anyone else?

PS-That is a sad statement about the pathetic case of bass fishing within the bloggosphere. Everybody may have 'heard of "blogging"' but bass fisherman by and large are not "doing it." The guys at ESPN/BASS sure don't get it and to charge for the content is going about it in a very non-bloggish fashion. Losers!

Can I get an Amen from the choir?

However if they link to the BP than all can be forgiven. (Anyone who has Bass Insider Know if they do? I'm far to cheap to pay for content when the web offers a lifetimes worth of excellent content freebird.)

Speaking of the BassMaster's Classic, Day 2 content here, and here.

How is the Posse doing in Fantasy Bass Fishing? Developing...
First Update BTW Congrats so far to Hellabass tied for 34th in the fishers of men league.
2nd Posse Update

1 comment:

Jon Clausen said...

Agree with you whole-heartedtly, BP. I thought it was a pretty cheap sales gimmick for their BASS Insider as well.

BTW, Don't I count as blogging the classic? I'm feeling dissed man! ;-)