Sunday, March 04, 2012

Pig Sticker,, SEO Angler, & Fletcher Shryock

Pig Sticker is the blog of Steven Priest;  Steven is an aspiring Bass Pro out of Ohio trying to make it on the B.A.S.S. Eastern Opens.  He has been blogging for a year when he first started fishing the Opens.  I read everything from the start and really enjoyed it.  Check him out. is the blog of Scott McGehee: Scott is an aspiring Bass Pro who I think is out of Mississippi who has been blogging since Jan of 2010 and fishing the Opens since 1996.  He's been published on so you know he can write.  This will give you an idea what this guys about.

SEO Angler stands for South East Ohio.  Here is what it says in his Blogger Profile: Lifelong Ohio resident and fisherman. Wrote a weekly outdoor column for almost 30 years for the Zanesville Times Recorder. Write occasionally for Ohio Outdoor News. Avid bass fisherman, but I enjoy chasing crappie, bluegill and other fish as well.  It's basically a bunch of tournament results and other Ohio stuff.

Fletcher Shryock is a blog by none other than the Elite Series.  I see he will now be blogging at, so I'm guessing he won't be using it much, but who knows.

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steven priest said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout out bro...!!!