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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Rain and Bad Luck

I headed out at 6PM and I was the only one at the Grumpy Old Man Hole.  About 6:20 it started to sprinkle and then became a steady light rain.  I missed my first 3 hits, they were on the SE side so I shifted all my stuff there.  First fish was this pretty green jumpin bullhead that hit a jig and minnow beneath a bobber.
I then got a little pike on the jig and minnow
The toothy bullhead actually broke my line but that was after I had him up on shore.  It did almost get back in the lake though.  Quite a bit later the bobber went under and I brought up this silver bullhead.
Unfortunately when I was lifting it in my line broke and the jig went flying into the rocks and disappeared.  Because it was cold and getting dark I had trouble trying to put on a new jig.  Eventually I gave up trying and threw a beetle spin after about 5 minutes of that I gave up for the evening.  It's really unfortunate I couldn't get another jig tied because I think I might have gotten more.

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