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Sunday, March 25, 2012

We Got Something!

Today was much cooler than it's been especially after another cold front moved through today.  We headed to the GOMH just after 6PM.  "We" as in Pete and I, as Pete is still here.  He was supposed to leave on Friday night.

When we arrived there were 4 guys fishing, 2 on each of the South side and nothing was happening.  I went down on the SW side and eventually a  couple of small orange bullheads were caught next to me.  I did get a bite around a quarter to 7PM but missed it.  Pete went to fish on the SE side.

Finally at about 7:30 Pete got a silver bullhead and I got a small jumpin bullhead.  I then landed a small silver bullhead from the same spot.  Pete landed another silver and I missed a good bite.  After it got dark we both picked up another silver on lighted bobber.  We left around 8:30PM.