Thursday, March 08, 2012

Fantasy Squad for Lake Hartwell FLW

At the last minute I subbed in Clausen for Christie, Morrow for Fukae, Wolak for Lefbre, and Blaylock for Yelas replaced. Will learn soon if those move work or bomb.

Update: As of day 1 I made some serious mistakes.   Canterbury being the worst.  Christie for Clausen was a push losing 3 places, and Yelas for Blaylock gained me 25pts but Morrow lost me 86 spots and Wolak cost me 61 places.  However, it's only Day 1 which don't mean jack squat.  I assume Morrow will come back significantly, Thrift will improve his 110th place position.  I expect Wolak to improve as well.

Update Day 2:  I had a good day moving up 231 places total. Have a shot at 4 in the Top 10 (Yelas, Ehrler, Gags, and Morgan)

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