Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Orange Bullhead at the GOMH

Today Pete and I headed to the GOMH a little before noon.  This was the first bullhead of the day.  Kind of surprised me on the Cubby.  A couple minutes later I pulled a jumpin bullhead off of the same spot.  About an hour later I got another jumper on a beetle spin.  Pete caught a jumper on the SE side while trying to retrieve a jig that was stuck on leftover cattail.

Hopefully it won't rain and we can go back this evening.

Update: Tonight we got skunked.  I had a good jumpin bullhead hang me on something on the bottom and get off.  I had to break my last small beetle spin off :(.  Pete said he had something twice but who knows.

And Ice appears to be out on Sullivan, so the area lakes are probably ice free.

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