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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fishing with Pete and not with Pete

Today I fished with Pete in the morning from 6:15am to 10am.  The silver bullheads showed up and we got 5 a piece.  I got 5 jumpin bullheads and Pete got a couple. I also got 2 orange bullheads.
Pete with his prize catch

Same Fish
Then tonight I headed out alone at 6PM after dropping off filets for Jenny.  I was alone because Pete was supposed to be going home (didn't happen).  Fishing wasn't great as I got 1 silver and 4 jumpin bullheads.  My friend Mike B. was there, he got a bunch of jumpers.  A couple guys showed up and whacked some orange bullheads.  Guys fishing the North side got jumpin bullheads and some silvers as well.
Here's one of the evening jumpers

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