Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Major League Fishing Cussing, "Throw a Flag"

I know some people don't care, but I don't care to hear people swearing and there has been a fair amount of it in Major League Fishing.  The guys know they are on camera and I find it unprofessional that a Pro chooses to use expletives.  Keep in mind they are coming into my living room.  I know MLF is supposed to have a reality tv feel to it, but Professional fishermen should conduct themselves better than Rachel on Big Brother.

I think the way to help clean it up, is for the Boat Referees to give out penalties for using profanities.  There aren't enough penalties right now to make it interesting to begin with,  but this would change that.  Here is what I suggest:

1 minute per expletive used stepping up another minute each time another one is used.  I think doing this would make the show more interesting and the ref's would have something to "throw a flag" at.

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