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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Good Night at the GOMH

Got my limit!
Tonight I didn't head out until 7PM, just as well.  There were a guy and his girl on the SW side and three teenagers on the SE side. I took up on the SW side.  Right about 7:45 the guy got a silver bullhead.  Then he got another than she got one and they kind of traded off fish.  Finally I got one when it was almost to dark to see.  The 3 teenagers gave me their fish and a guy who was on the N side gave me a orange bullhead.  I went over to the SE side and started catching fish.  When I got the big one my line broke sending bobber flying over the railing.  That fish just choked the glow Cubby and minnow.  It took me a while to get retied and by the time I got back current was coming through and the fish repositioned farther out from the bridge.  Once I got that figured out I caught them steadily until I left at 10:15.  I ended up catching 13 total.

12" and 13"
I fished in the morning as well from 7 to 9:30AM and got 2 jumpin bullheads and a toothy.

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Fishing Blog said...

A couple nice slabs there my friend! Fish On!