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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ran Out of Minnows Again

Lets just say I wasn't impressed with the scoop of minnows I got from the Deer Haven Store (formerly Gross's Store) and they didn't put my scoop back in the pail. Anyway's the minnows lasted me until 10PM tonight and I got 19 silver bullheads on them. Several came on dead minnows, glad I didn't throw the dead one's out when I got there.  Grumpy Old Men Willard and Bud where there but didn't fish.  I got their a 7PM and managed to get the same spot on the SE rocks I got yesterday.  I was kind of lucky because a big group arrived after I got there.  A lot of bullheads were caught on both the SE and SW side and even on the North side as well.  Scott Johnson arrived after dark.  I think I threw back 4 total and didn't keep anything.  Only a couple of jumpin bullheads were caught by others.  I got everything on my last glow Cubby body which is now half a body.

Of Note:  I've already caught more crappies this year (74) than I did in all of last year (57).  Of coarse last year I didn't catch any until the 25th of April.  I stopped fishing for crappies on the Opener

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