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Thursday, April 26, 2012

GOMH Bullheads and Bulldog Bass

Tonight I decided not to take the boat out and fish from shore.  I got out after 5:20PM and was to Bulldog by 5:30.  I landed a couple of bass there.

Next I headed to the Grumpy Old Man Hole.  There were only a couple of groups there when I arrived.  A guy and a girl on the NE side and a kid and his dad on the SE side.  I took the SW side.  The kid said they had been catching a certain kind of bullhead.  I got a jumpin' bullhead to start things off.  My second fish was a silver bullhead which I gave to the kid.

I then caught another two silvers, which I also gave to them.  I then got another jumper, then I got an orange bullhead
The guy and the kid left.  I was considering making the move when another guy with his kid showed up and took the SE side.  When they arrived an old guy and two other guys came and sat down next to me.  They were fishing last night and said they were getting lots of crappies on the SE side last night.  They only got 1 crappie on the SW side last night, but they were using wax worms and getting sunfish.  The guy with the kid got a silver right away and I was thinking I should have switched sides.   I landed a couple of jumpin bullheads and then got a silver which I gave to them.  I ended up giving them 7 silvers and throwing one back, getting one more jumper and I got bit off.  They got a bunch of orange bullheads and a few silvers.  The guy and his kid caught some silvers and jumpers and orange bullheads as well.  After they all left I got 3 more silvers including this dandy.
I was going to clean it, if I could get a couple more.  But all I got was this bullhead, which wrecked my jig head.
It was 10:30PM, so I called it a night.

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