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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dropped A Bowfin

Tonight I fished at Rock Lake from the Trophy.  I was on the lake by 5:30PM  I started out by going to the inlet from Bulldog Lake.  I got two pike there on the Havoc Grass Pig.
I then went to the RPRO and quickly caught another smaller pike.  I started trying for sunfish.  I actually saw a crappie as I was moving along.  It was pretty much completely calm and the sunfish were really spooky.  Finally I started get a couple and I put the anchor out.  Action was a little slower than the other day and I missed a ton of bites.  Much to my surprise I set into something that felt more significant and sure enough I got a nice crappie to the boat,  as I lifted it up it got off.  I got a couple of more sunfish and switched to trying for dogfish at 7:50pm.  I got two pike and then noticed my knot on the Tyger Leader was coming loose, so I retied .  I then got 2 more pike.  I threw a cast up by shore and I got thunked by a dogfish and then as they do, it got off.  I need to find my net, I think it's at the lake place.  I then got 2 more pike and a 15" bass by the beaver dam.  There were several otters around tonight.

I bought home 6 of the 9 sunnies I caught.
I forgot my headlamp at home, so I couldn't fish at the GOMH.

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