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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Minnesota Fishing Opener A Week Earlier This Year???

When I saw the suggestion on fishing message boards I thought it would never happen.  But apparently it actually might.  Apparently the DNR Comisioner

Here is the money quote from the article:
Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Landwehr said Monday that moving up the fishing opener shouldn't interfere with the spawning season, and he wouldn't have a problem with it. 
I am all for it. Who cares if the resorts don't like it because some won't be ready in time. Boo Hoo for them! I rather doubt most people who are booked for May 12th are going to cancel their plans. What would make this even better is keeping the Mille Lacs night ban the same, so I get more that a full week to night fish at Mille Lacs. Who knows maybe Eddy's would have an 11PM or midnight launch. Also moving the bass opener up a week would be really cool as well.


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