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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Almost 6 Hours for 5 Fish

It was a beautiful evening I fished from just after 6pm to midnight.  I had some issues with my jighead not holding the minnow when I would get a bite.  The bobber would go down for a second and come right back up no minnow.  I didn't put another jig head until after 10:30pm.

My first fish was a tiger bullhead.
Then I got a small toothy bullhead.
As it was getting dark I got a few bites, but missed them.  One particularly good when happened while I was  changing the water for my minnows.  Was probably a jumper or toother cause it pulled my rod towards the lake.  As it was getting dark I got a nice silver bullhead that got off on shore.  After dark I got two more.  I probably should have gotten 2-3 others.

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