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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peavy Lake Bust, Back to Rock

Tonight I headed out to Peavy Lake around 4:30PM.  I found a few bass and sunnies shallow in a little cut, but I couldn't catch anything.  Then I ran up to the North End as I started looking a guy pulled up in front of me and started going the same direction I was.  Spotted a nice sized pike and a single crappie. I got up by the guy and he'd never been on the lake before.  He saw a big carp.  I went passed him and found some small somethings up real shallow.  At 5:30PM I decided to bail.

I was on Rock just after 6PM.  As I pulled into the RPRO it looked like it was gonna rain.  I started drifting and got some sunfish, so I anchored.  The rain went just to the South of me then the sun came out and it got calm.  I missed a ton of bites getting 5 Sunfish total.  I threw them all back.  After 7PM I decided to try for dogfish.  I missed my first couple of hits, but they were probably pike.  Then I caught a couple pike on the Grass Pig.  I started also fishing with a Heddon Spit'n Image.  I missed my first few bites on that.  I then got a pike on the grass pig.  Then I got a bass on the Grass Pig. Then I got 4 bass on the Image, including this 17"
Then I got 3 pike and 2 bass and missed that many more bites on the Grass Pig.  I stopped at 8:30PM
One interesting thing was I went into the River and thought I spotted the pike that bit off my Grass Pig last week.  That or it had a white jig on it's noggin.

I went to the GOMH and got a bullhead and learned some info I hope to capitalize on tomorrow.

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