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Monday, April 02, 2012

Early Morning GOMH Trip

I was up and figured what the heck, lets get some more bullheads.  I headed out just after 5:30AM.  Much to my surprise there was another guy their and he was on the SE side so I took up the SW side.  Nothing happened until around 6:30 when this guy Brian pulled in a silver bullhead.  I missed a bite right up next to the rocks but got it to bite again.  Silver bullhead, I gave it to Brian.
I made another cast up by the rocks and had another hit.  This time it was a golden bullhead.
I picked another silver bullhead off the rocks and got one more out further and missed a few hits.  Once the sun got up it was jumpin' bullhead time.
That was the biggest of 6.  I left at 8:15AM

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