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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bulldog and GOMH

Tonight I did some exploring.  I stopped at Bulldog and got 2 nice bass in 15 minutes.  Then I checked out the creek coming out of the North end of Long Lake.  Doesn't look there would be fish there but you never know.  Wish I had known to check it last year in the high water.

Then I hit the GOMH at 7PM.  A guy and his kid were fishing.   He was on the SE and his kid was on the SW shore.  He got a toothy bullhead.  Around 7:40PM I had a small toothy bullhead break me off as I tried to bring it onto to rocks.  It flipped back into the lake.  They left.  I got another bite but missed it.

It started getting dark and I missed a couple of bites.  It was just about to dark to see and I wasn't paying attention.  I started reeling in and there was a bullhead on.
I ended up getting 2 more and missing 3 or 4 bites.  I left at 10PM as it was getting cold.

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