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Friday, April 20, 2012

Evening On Rock

This Evenings Catch
It was reasonably warm today getting up to 57° and winds were fairly light out of the NW, so I headed out to Rock Lake again.  I got to the lake a little before 6PM.  I decided to head to the North end of the lake to see if anything was going on.  I spooked a couple of fish where the creek runs in and had a small pike follow the grass pig and that was it.

I then  moved over bye the Island at the entrance to the PRO.  I caught a 21" pike and 16" bass on a white double Colorado bladed spinnerbait.  Unfortunately the skirt on the spinnerbait came off, I had to pull a skirt off of another one.

I then went into the PRO found the 53° water and started catching little sunfish on a pink Cubby, so I put down the poor man's power pole.   I kept 11 for the garden and released an 8 incher.  At 8:10, I decided to try for dogfish.  I got a 20" pike on the Grass Pig, then I missed 3 hits.  As I got down by the beaver dam I threw the spinner bait and got a 16" bass.  Missed a couple of more hits on the Grass Pig and on my "last cast" for the night the Grass Pig got bit off .

I dug out that Tyger Leader now, so hopefully between that and Knot2Kinky that won't happen again.

I checked by the GOMH and two guys were fishing.  I think they said they got a couple but I'm not sure what.  I didn't fish.

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