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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cubby's and Demon's at the GOMH

I got to the Grumpy Old Man Hole at a quarter to 6 and I took up a spot on the SE side where there was only one guy.  Basically nothing happened until 8PM.  I got 5 silver bullheads and a jumpin bullhead on the Cubby.  After dark I switched to the Glow Demon and picked up 6 more until I ran out of minnows  Brian showed up with a buddy at about 10:30PM,  they offered me minnows but I was getting cold so I left.  The bite really picked up after they got there.  I think I need to do something about the line on my night fishing rod.  I gave all but 3 of the silver bullheads away and the other 2 went back.  Kuske stopped by tonight as it was getting dark.

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