Wednesday, April 08, 2020

2020 Platte Lake Ice Out (Also Rock and Long)

View to the West Platte Lake Access

View to the NE Platte Lake Public Access

View toward Jenny's

Scattered ice and foam off of West Point at the current break.  It was really rolling out there.
Rock Lake looking NE

Rock Lake looking SE
I hit my ice-out prediction on the nose, April 8th it is.  Today's heavy winds were enough to bust up the ice on all but the extreme north on Platte Lake.  Jenny's to the Public access was doable so it's official ice-out day on Platte.  Rock and Long went out as well.

I caught my first bullhead of the year as well.

I also got the Trophy vacuumed out.  Steve was working so I just vacuumed it in place in the garage. I also discovered two more Mad Maxx's (Big Sexy & Bluegrass) that I had given to Steve three years ago.  He had them down in storage in Florida when he moved up here the first time.

Yes A Big Sexy

Sullivan went on the 9th.

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