Friday, April 03, 2020

Did Not Fish

Loon swimming above Kayee's Left ear

It was 25℉ tonight so I did not fish.  I did take Kaylee for a drive to the GOMH.  As far as I can tell the Sullivan Platte River Outlet is now ice-free and I would say 25-33% of the way to South Point Small Island is now ice-free. So basically we are losing ice cover even though temps are going to be down in the mid-teens tonight.  The possible small scale ice snow storm we were supposed to get today blew right past us last night finally stalling out well to the East.  Not getting any snow probably hastened ice out by a full day.  Fortunately, this was a one day dip, not a trend. The sun will be back out tomorrow and we will be back above normal in a couple of days.  I think the ice will be off the area lakes by Thursday or Friday.

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