Friday, April 10, 2020

The Trophy is in the Water 2020

It took me about an hour to get her dug out of the garage and water ready.  A little mix up over what I did with the boat key was resolved when I called Dad and had him look for it in my room.  When I didn't find the key attached or in my life jacket I just assumed I left it in the boat as I was packing stuff to go to the lake place.  I had actually placed it on a shelf in my room, which is where I directed dad to look.  He delivered it to me just as I finished up.  I had to wait for about 20-minutes for Steve to get done with work.  The dock wasn't in yet at the public access which was kind of expected.  I had Steve drop her in the water.   The motor started no issues.  I unhooked and went fishing.  Didn't get a bite.

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