Sunday, April 05, 2020

Very Soon, But Not Tonight.

7:00-8:15PM GOMH NE SW
49-55℉, Partly Cloudy, 0-3MPH S

I heard my first loon calls tonight.  Had a couple eagles do flybys.  There was a flock of seagulls that flew over to Sullivan when I was down on the SW side.  Open water was 66% of the way to the SPSI.  I expect it will be open to the Point by tomorrow night. Channel Inn Bay was 20-25% Open.  I didn't get a bite and Lantern Man showed up around 7:45PM.  I didn't put my headlamp in the Cabela's Jacket, so I left a little earlier than I would have otherwise.  It was nice out when I left.

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