Friday, April 17, 2020

I Was Proven Wrong And Skunked

Rock Dock In

Fished Channel Inn Bay tonight

Also fished the GOMH by boat and from shore
Well, my theory about the docks not going in until after Opener was officially disproven as they put Rock Dock in today.  I threw a few casts off of it and came up empty.  Same at Bulldog.  I then went and got in the Trophy because the lake had calmed down some and headed to Channel Inn Bay.  Couldn't locate any fish in the hay.  Gave the GOMH area a try.  Lantern Man showed up just as I reached the bridge.  I talked to him for a little bit, then headed in.  I stopped at the GOMH on the way home.  L.M. didn't get any bites and neither did I.  I stayed for about 15 minutes and used one minnow.  It was a refreshing night on the water.

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