Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Skunked With A Full Moon

Bulldog Tonight

Bulldog 20%

Rock 20%
4:00-5:30PM GOMH SW, Rock, Bulldog
64-68℉, Partly Cloudy, 4-8mph WNW

I started at the GOMH.  There was a guy fishing with his kid on the NE side who got there on a side by side.  Before I arrived at the GOMH I went and checked the Platte Lake Access because it looked like there might be open water up that way, but there wasn't.  I guess the open water line was along Channel Inn North Point to about midway to the Southside of the Big Island.  There was some open water beyond the SPSI.  Wheel House Guy showed up as I was packing up.  He hadn't gotten anything on Long.  I dropped something off for Kim.  Rock was fishable, but no fish.  Same for Bulldog.  I headed home at 5:30.

7:00-7:20PM Rock
7:25-7:40PM Bulldog
7:45-9:00PM GOMH NE SW SE
53-63℉, Partly Cloudy, 0-5mph NW, Full Moon

A big muskrat was at Rock, no fish.

There might have been some fish activity just to the South of where I could cast.  I was disappointed that I couldn't draw a bite at Bulldog.  Thought with the sun today I had a decent shot at getting something.  It didn't happen.

Nobody was at the GOMH.  Got to hear some loon calls. I started on the NE side, nothing.  Nothing on the SW side.  Got the lighted bobber out and tried the SE side with the Cubby/minnow nothing.  Went back to the SW side.  Thought maybe I saw a glowing eye briefly and a baitfish at the SW bridge opening when I was looking down from above with my headlamp.  I tried the NE side again, nothing.  Came back to the SW side, nothing.  I stopped fishing a little before 9PM.  Skunked again.

The weather forecast is not what I want to see.  Multiple cold cold fronts with high winds.  I'll probably put the boat in the water on Friday although if the lake open up by tomorrow afternoon their is a real outside chance I will dump it in then.  Man I got to start catching some fish.  These skunks are beginning to wear on me.

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