Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sullivan and Bulldog Duds

9" Glow Demon Spoon/waxies

Blind Man Stood By the Road And He Cried
7:15-9:30AM Sullivan 27' Tullibee Hole
32-29℉, Foggy, 2-4mph SE

I didn't need to put on my spikes.  I walked out to the area but didn't see where my holes from the last trip were at.  So I stopped dragging the Fishtrap and went looking.  The second picture shows just how close I was to where I left the sled.  Duh! The holes weren't frozen over.  I got the camera set up first again.  There was activity down by the bottom.  Fish would occasionally act aggressively but not hit.  I got one crappie.  Nothing tullibee like.  Viewed a few perch up high and down near the bottom.  I was hungry so I headed home at 9:30 AM.

I went into Onamia to pick up Vitamin D. I stopped at Shakopee Lake.  There were 6 trucks in the lot. I talked to a guy that had just finished.  He said he was getting sunfish with an occasional nice Crappie.  Couldn't see any open water toward the inlet.
3:00-4:30PM Bulldog Lake Matt W. Spot 8'
43℉, Cloudy some light rain as I left, 5mph S

As you can see from the pick open water is intruding on the access so this will be my last trip to Bulldog.  I got out, put the camera down and saw sunnies.  They weren't interested and quickly disappeared.  The lighting wasn't great.  I really wasn't into it and it started to sprinkle so I packed up at 4:30.  I checked out the GOMH on the way home.

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