Thursday, March 19, 2020

Fished Rock Because of the Wind

6.5" VMC Fly/maggots

There is open water in the channel
6:00-8:00PM Rock Lake 9' Sunz Spot
30-35℉, Cloudy, 15-20MPH NW

I finally achieved victory with the headlight tonight.  I didn't even need Jeff's help.  I went to Rock because the winds were hellacious and I would be protected there.  It had been above freezing the previous night so the top of the ice was a slushy mess-making pulling the sled much more difficult.  There was open water in the Platte River Outlet Bay Channel.  I drilled about 7 or so holes 3 of them being to shallow.  There is Eurasian milfoil in the lake. The ice was 6-8" thinner than on Bulldog or Sullivan.  I found sunnies high in the water column in 9'. There was small mature bald eagle chirping when I was setting up.  I told it I would throw it a fish, but I forgot; Sorry Mr. Eagle.  Lots of little sunnies around.  I caught 8 on the VMC Fly with maggots.  I lost a crappie in the hole and saw another on the camera. I saw one small pike.  I also lost something the felt really good when I first put down in the hole where the fish were.  I quit at 8PM.  The walk back was much easier as things had firmed up with the falling temps.

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