Saturday, March 14, 2020

No Tullibee, First Bass OTY in the Evening

8" Glow Demon Spoon/Mag&Wax

7.5" VMC Fly/Maggies
6:00-10:00AM Sullivan 24'
20-16℉, Partly Cloudy, 2-4mph North

Nobody was at the Sullivan access when I arrived.  I went to my Tul Hole waypoint and drilled holes.  I got one Crappie in the first half hour.  It was annoyingly cold before the sun came up, my guides kept freezing up.  At about 6:45AM John W. showed up just to the north of me.  I saw some nice Sunfish on the camera but couldn't get them to bite.  I went and talked to John.  He had one tullibee and filled me in on how the fishing has been this winter.  I went back and caught the Sunfish, which I gave to John.  Eventually, I moved to the Sunfish spot.  There was a pike swimming around there. Nature called so I packed up and left.
10' VMC Fly/Maggies (Pink)

Half Way back to the Car

8" VMC Fly (Pink)

8" Glow Demon Spoon

5:30-8:30PM Bulldog Lake 6' and 9' NE Point
36-32℉, Mostly Sunny, 2-5mph N

There was somebody out at the NE point with an ATM fishing when I arrived.  Because of that, I needed to move the truck after I unloaded.  I forgot to take my cold-weather gear with me as I headed out to a new area to the South.  The ATV moved off of the NE point when a was about 75 yards out.  I started heading to the NE when I realized I hadn't brought the cold-weather gear with.  I wasn't happy about that.  When I finally got to the NE Island I used two holes from the guy that had just left.  One was in 6' and the other 9' right by where I had been fishing just slightly shallower.  I saw fish in the shallow hole so that is where I set up to start. The first fish of the day was the bass.  Lots of sunfish around and a few crappies most of which were swimming around out deeper where the camera was pointed.  I had a couple crappies come in and inspect my offerings and leave.  Saw pike a few times.  At 7PM I headed to the deeper holes.  Once again I could see crappies swimming out deeper.  I elected not to move.  Had a few crappies move through, but they were extremely fussy.  Only caught one.  Saw multiple fish nibble and spit. I should have moved out a little deeper both times.  The fish never moved shallower like I thought they should.

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