Tuesday, March 10, 2020

First Fish of 2020

7.5" VMC Fly & Maggies (Pink)

5:00-7:30PM Sullivan 25' Sun Spot
36-31℉, Cloudy, 2-5mph SW

It was lightly snowing when I arrived at the NE Sullivan Access.  I elected to walk out, but I could have driven.  I'm lucky I didn't fall before I came to my senses and put the spikes on.  I used the GPS to find the 25' Sunfish Hole. I drilled two holes.  I originally had something come in at 15-feet. Didn't feel a bite.  After whatever it was moved out. I put the Aqua View down, not much visibility but I did see a pretty good-sized sunfish.  I missed a few bites on a spoon and the VMC fly before I finally landed one.  One was all I got and I threw it back.  Think I'm going to try Bulldog tomorrow.

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