Saturday, February 04, 2012

More Fantasy Bass

Update: Some changes I didn't read about at first.

The smaller buckets will include the season’s superstars, while incorporating those with a home-field advantage. The rational is simple: In order to win, you will have to give some thought to each contest, making sure you’re keeping up with what’s taking place on the water and strategically looking at who has the hot hand.
Each week of every event you will receive an email reminder to set your lineup. While you may think you already have the perfect team, there will be times when that won’t be the case.
After the Bassmaster Classic and following every other event on the Elite Series, the lineups will be wiped clean. The buckets will adjust, switching anglers around to account for home-field advantages and who has the hot hand at the moment.
That will require you to change almost every player, with new strategies instituted and a whole new set of hopes.
Other tweaks for 2012 are bonus points for the Carhartt Big Bass and for the heaviest stringer caught in each tournament.

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