Monday, February 20, 2012

Major League Fishing Episode #2 Liveblogged

If you don't won't to be spoiled don't read.

The Anglers Today:

Period 1:
Start with Sasquatch farting.

Evers with first fish 2.25lber
Brauer 1.75lbs
Biffle 1.75lbs
Alton 3lber
Ike 1.75lbs
Ike swears trying to get back to fish.  He catches a short.
Omori catches a dink then gets a 1.5lbs
Biffles misses a couple on the frog
Grigsby gets a 2.5lbs can't see how big it is without his glasses
Ike fish spitting minnows.
Ike says conditions are perfect but the fish aren't going.
Evers is throwing blades up in the grass.
Ike lays an F Bomb on a little keeper
Biffle gets a good one on a frog 6lbs
Times up
Apparently Faircloth got 3 in the last 15 minutes he's in 4th place with 5.75lbs
Ike 8lbs 3rd
Evers 9.75 2nd
Biffle with 13lbs
Takahiro is in last with 2 for 2.75
Brauer says he's fishing some baits he'd never touch in a normal tourny

Period 2:
Starts showing Faircloth dropshotting
Biffle gets one on his Hard Head
Alton catches one that chokes it 3.75lbs into 2nd
catches a couple more real quick
Denny switched to a crank and gets a 3lber
Talking about how tough it's being today
Denny moves into 4th with 8.5lbs
Alton is up to his 7th of the period on a jerkbait, don't know what kind. He ties Biffle
Edwin gets one on a jerk.
Haven't heard from Ike at all.
Alton takes the lead
talking with Bobby Lane says he had good average of fish but he wasn't getting the numbers
says he got sick to his stomach being in last place
Faircloth gets one fish and goes from last to tie for 4th
End of period
Alton 14 for 21.50
Biffle 7 for 18lbs
Evers 8 for 13lbs
Takahiro 8 for 11.5lbs
Faircloth 4 for 10.25lbs
Ike 6 for 9.75lbs
Denny 5 for 8.5lbs
Grigsby 3 for 6.5lbs
Tak is junk fishing

If you don't want to be spoiled don't look.
Period 3:
Ike gets first fish, then another and he moves into 3rd
Briefly however as Tak gets one on the A-Rig and ties Ike
Evers gets a fish (not shown) and moves into 3rd
Ike moves into 3rd on a blade
Tak gets a 4.25 on the A-Rig moves him into 2nd
Ike catch's a good fish and proceeds to go Ike and dump two rods overboard, luckily they hung up on another rod. 4.25lb and he's into 2nd.  Ike also got lures caught on his wallet chain.and shirt.  His ref is trying  to free the lures up and Ike hooks a fish and goes into the lead.  Ike tells a story about getting a fish at the end of the period that didn't count because time ran out, but it clued him in the fish wind blown points with brush tops. Also they show a snippet from the last break wear Ike throws around a few expletives.
Biffle gets a 4.25lber to put him .25 behind Ike
Ike lands a 2lber
Biffle breaks off a big one gets the penalty
Ike is separating himself
Faircloth has been catching fish and gets a 3lber that puts him in 2nd
Ike goes over 20lbs for the period
Alton is catching shorts
Faircloth catches a 4.75lb out of a big mat of grass
Tak gets a 2.75 and passes Biffle for 4th
Faircloth pulls another 2.75 chunk from the hydrilla
Edwin is missing fish in the hydrilla
Ike with a "giant" flops over his official, He goes Ike "Game Over"
Biffle misses a bite in the last minute, so he's eliminated
Ike does a break dance.
Wow that Challenge Cup is a big ole ugly thing.

Ike with 17 for 34.5lbs
Faircloth 13 for 32lbs
Alton 15 for 23.25lbs
Tak  12 for 23lbs
Biffle 8 for 22.25lbs
Edwin  10 for 16.5lbs
Denny  8 for 15.25lbs
Shaw 5 for 12.25lbs

Well it wasn't near the weight we saw in the last one.  I thought for sure Tak was going to start whacking them on the A-Rig in the last period.

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