Friday, February 24, 2012

Bassmaster Classic Fantasy Roster

This is my final roster for the Classic.  Went with KVD for obvious reasons.  I hoping Walker will be able to flip'em up.  I switched out Brandon Palanuik at the last moment.  I'm going with Tucker on a hunch.  Keith Combs hopefully will be solid.  And I'm hoping the college lad will be able to use his local knowledge and find his way into a top 15 finish.

Walker is 4th Very Good
Upshaw is 19th which is OK
Combs is 17th also OK
Van Dam is 27th but it sounds like he's confident
Tucker would be Fail except Palaniuk and Ashley did even worse and those were the others I considered in that bucket.

Update Day 2:
Walker fell to 9th
Combs moved up to 11th
KVD moved up to 18th
Upshaw dropped to 31st
Tucker 41st

Hopefully all three can move up tomorrow.

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