Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bassmaster Classic Day Final: Liveblogging

Well I think Walker is a longshot at this point.  I am predicting that the Rooster Greg Vinson is gonna take it.  I guess we will see.

It's 2 O'clock and it looks like Vinson and Lane are about tied with Lane having the edge on Basstrakk.  The thing is Vinson is locking and Lane is fishing because he went back to Pool 5 early.  Timmy Horton has a good bag but needs a super kicker or two.

Well it looks like Chris Lane and Vinson left the door open, but it doesn't seem like anybody stepped up to walk through it.  It looks like nobody busted a huge bag, but then you never know.

Arkansas won the College Classic.

Once again they fail to show video clips and keep the camera on Zona and Sanders.

Must of just did the National Anthem, I was taking the dog out.

Intro: Awesome A-Mart getting whacked by a fish.

Weigh In Time:
Going to be interesting to see if Jamie Horton gets booed.  I think he deserves it for insulting the crowd yesterday.

Well he didn't get booed but he didn't get much cheering.  He kind of made amends by talking about how great the crowd and Louisiana is.

Kevin Wirth didn't get teary and he stuck up for his Merc.

Looks like Poche may in the Super 6

Dave Walker may be Super 6
Nope Walker just came out.
Nope Poche just came out.
Poche moves into 1st, maybe he should have been.

Doing Berkley Havoc cast for $100,000
He missed it, he chose to pitch it and it was a bit to far away I think

oh great Zona Sanders and Byron
interesting video of guys running into the backwaters

Go to commericials, switch looking at arena to on screen.  Once again after not doing it to show the fish catches, least they didn't have the camera's totally on Zona & Sanders

Dustin Wilks first intro'ed he hop's in his boat and they call Evers and he gets in his boat same for B.Lane then Alton, then Vinson, Then C Lane

Bring on Poche for the hot seat.

Wilks into 4th with 44-12
Evers  43-8 into 5th
B Lane 5-14 takes him down to 17th, OUCH!
Alton 14-3 and he takes 2nd place and the crowed roars for Poche
"I can see it in his eyes, he's gott'em" about Vinson
The Rooster 13-7 into 1st with 47-15
Points out his wife and new kid
I think Chris has got him

Chris Lane takes it with 51-6

Chris Lane Bassmaster Classic Champion!!!

He kneels down for raising the trophy, not quite a Tebow

And the Victory Lap.

Odd people on the Internet complaining there is no coverage.  Maybe they have dial up?

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