Friday, February 24, 2012

Classic Day 1: Liveblogging

It's now 11AM and I am up,  First thing was to check the live blog.  Unfortunately for some reason only the first page is showing up so I can't read up on what happened from the start. (they got that fixed)

Alright my boy Dave Walker is in the lead with 16lbs+

Got to take the dog out.

Now we find out Walkers marshal screwed up.  He has about 13lbs. Looks like he got himself up to 15lbs.

It's now 2:26PM and there is no sign of Mark Tucker on Basstrakk.  Hopefully his tracker is broken or his marshal didn't know how to use it.  Brandon Palanuik is also not on the the Basstrakk. No Denny Brauer either.

Hmmm they are giving different results on Hook'd Up than on Basstrakk.

Crap Liveblog on Tucker:

Mark Tucker, on a good day, would have five bass in his livewell with enough weight to keep him in contention after Day One of the Classic. But it has not been a good day so far.

Part of his problem was self-inflicted. Tucker has spent all day in Shaw Lake. He picked up a rod with a spinnerbait that he wasn't planning  to use today. It enticed a bite from a four-pounder that came unhooked right at the boat. That's when Tucker realized he'd left a hook cover on the spinnerbait from Wednesday's practice, when he wasn't trying to land a fish.

"Then I lost a three-pounder as I was lifting it in the boat," Tucker said. "It hasn't been a good day. I've got two fish and I should have five."

I see Denny is now on with 2 fish for 6lbs.  A good average size if he can get a limit.

HMMM Mercer is up on the Classic stage doing stuff and Hook'd Up is on with Skeet.

Huh, they have KJ with Zona and Sanders doing a Hook'd Up on the weigh in stage.

Singing National Anthem

The Weigh In Bits and Pieces:
Hack is u[ 1st.  13-15 Says he'll make his long run all week.

Mark Tucker Fantasy Bass Fail

Browning couldn't find any quality fish.

Jamie Horton gets 14-15 he is going to fish the Elites this year as Federation Champ

Martens thanks the soldiers 13lbs which is way past the 4lb he supposedly had.

Chris Lane had 16lbs will run all new water tomorrow

Wow it' John Crews 6th Classic 11-15 Crews will stay in the same spot he shared with Lane today

Marty Robinson does a dance

Scroggins comes in 2lbs heavier than Basstrakk, says he lost a couple of good fish.

Brandon Palanuik skunks

Kriet and Van Dam were fishing next to each other and KVD had a swirl right in front of Kriet.  Kriet did throw back.  Van Dam didn't catch it.

Matt Reed caught a big dogfish first thing

Fed angler Tom Jessop came in 5lbs below Basstrakk

The Rooster Greg Vinson catches 17lbs and takes the lead has area all to himself

Walker has 16-8lbs so he's a pound heavier than Basstrakk.  He's in 3rd.

Ike has 10-7 that's 2lb more than Basstrakk.  He hocks his new sport drink Ike'd Up

KVD caught 11 even but feels good about it

Hey camera man if your gonna show highlights, show them we don't wanna look at Zona and Sanders.  It was ridiculous!

Hite came in about 1/2 lb light but he's in the hunt with

Ish is making a run to Pool 3 tomorrow.   Not what Hack wants to hear.

Tak comes up with a pound plus over his Basstrakk

Ott with 16-6 and into 4th.  That's 2lbs plus above Basstrakk

Kennedy gets 3lbs up on his Basstrakk number

Grigsby ran all the way to Pool 3, just ran out of time

Keith Poche pulls out a tank 17-13 so he's in the lead big fish is 6-13

Bobby Lane 16-4 ties him up with Chris, throws in Havoc plug

Andy Upshaw comes in two pounds above Basstrakk with 12-8

Josh Polfer 4lbs less than Basstrak, ouch

Brent Chapman thinks he's got a shot in his area

Faircloth is in the area with Poche but got less than 10lbs

Swindle layers it on pretty good about how he's gonna get them tomorrow.

Sounds like Keith Combs ran down to Pool 3 as well.

Evers comes in with 16-3 out of nowhere, almost 10lbs above his Basstrakk

And Weigh In is over interviewing Poche

Has a bait no one else is throwing, has the area to himself other than Faircloth

Apparently they are not doing the post press conference with the Top 5 or 6 has some pretty good post weigh in interviews

Big Indiana Bass  has the rundown on Basstrakk accuracy 

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