Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Speeding Up Tomorrow

We are getting our upgrade to Fiber Optics tomorrow.  Should speed me up around 10 times!

HMMM- Bass Pundit still takes 25 seconds to load, it wasn't that much faster before.  Still video's are way quicker and I'm assuming Bass Talk Live will be an uninterrupted feed.

Update- Bass Talk Live was uninterrupted which is nice.  And it kind of looks like it's my computer that is holding back my page loading speed.  I can load Bass Pundit in under 7 seconds on my mom's computer.

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Paul Gronley said...

This is a great blog, I will have to revisit. They are pulling 14lb Large Mouth out of the private lakes in Arizona daily and year round. Maybe heading to Phoenix sooooooon.

Paul Gronley