Wednesday, February 01, 2012

HMMM Can't Get Major League Fishing to Load

I want to do a screen capture but the page isn't loading on IE. Loads up fine on Google Chrome, problem is my Screem Capture is here on Explorer. I'd know understand it.

Oops Just Loaded UP
Advance Cast Pay Per View went on sale today

The ADVANCE CAST total-event BassPass, a package of seven broadcasts, will cost $17.94, with individual episodes available for $2.99 each. (The seven-event BassPass package features a “free” week.)

The ADVANCE CAST that begins on February 13 will feature the first day of competition. Each subsequent week will offer the next consecutive day of competition. The seventh ADVANCE CAST broadcast will be a wrap-up show that features in-depth, on-the-water segment with the winners from each round and the Challenge Cup champion.

I assume they are going to run the first show on a loop and then switch to the second show the next week or maybe you will be able to watch it on demand.  It does say anything about how long the episode will be.

So who's in? I probably will be.


BaitMyLine said...

Bought and paid for!

Fishing Lures said...

This is cool!