Monday, February 13, 2012

Major League Fishing Episode 1: Liveblogged

If you don't want to get spoiled stop reading:

Today we have
Mark Davis
Brent Ehrler
Bobby Lane
A Mart
Jason Quinn

What are penalties called for? They don't tell.

1st Period:
KVD first fish 3lber on 3rd Cast
2nd fish 2lber 15 minutes in.
A Mart gets 3rd fish of the day with 2lber
Davis got one.
Quinn got one
Bobby Lane has fish but isn't on camera.
Showing guys throwing A-Rigs: Quinn, Hack, Ehler with Quinn striking first.
Ehrler gets his 1st not on A-Rig
I'm kind of unhappy that aren't showing Lane as he said he would be throwing topwater.
They also are not showing  Klein, who has a fish.
No nets apparently as Ehrler gets a 5lber
KVD ends period with 11 fish for 23lbs
Ehrler unhappy about lost fish
So for it's KVD
Davis 7 fish for 15lbs
Quinn 5 for 12.25
Klein 4 for 9.75
Hack 5 for 9.25
A Mart 5 for 8.50
Ehler 3 for 8.25
Lane 3 for 6.50

2nd Period:
Mark catches 2 shorts at once.
Hack gets one on a frog and then another.
Klein starting to get fish
Still aren't covering Lane
Ohh Golly it's Grigsby. Lame.
Great more farting Sasquatch
guys are struggling this period, in calm bluebird sky's.
Quinn just had a school come up went to it and started catching them on the A-Rig.
Ehrler sounding frustrated.
KVD still catching them.
Ehrler breaks his line on 4lber gets a 1 minute penalty.

Period ends
KVD 19 fish for 36lbs
Quinn 12 for 30.75
Klein 16 for 25.75
Davis 9 for 18.25
A Mart 10 for 16.50
Hackney 8 for 15.75
Ehrler 7 for 15.75
Lane 5 for 11.50

Bagging on KVD for catching them
Finally they show Lane, and he talks about Jack's Links Beef Jerky.

If you don't want to be Spoiled stop reading:
3rd Period:
Hack gets 1st fish and into the 4th place cut spot.
Then Davis catches one and gets it back.
Quinn starts catching fish.
Quinn catches Van Dam and then goes up
A Mart takes 4th with 23
showing Lane catch a fish, and mentions Jack Links
Quinn gets a 5.75lber
A Mart missing fish, then gets one and goes up on Davis by 4lbs
A Mart gets another drop shotting
Davis gets a 4lber, Martens up by 4lbs
Klein is catching up to KVD on the drop shot.
Klein breaks is line and sits in the penalty box.
Davis gets a little on A Mart
Ehrler starting to scooch up
Ehrler catches a 5lber and jumps A Mart with 2 minutes left
Ehrler misses one and A-Mart lands  one 1/4 short as time runs out.
It's Quinn 58.25lbs
KVD 42lbs
Klein 41lbs
Ehrler 35.25lbs

That was really good, I recommend watching it.


Liam said...

That has to be the most exciting thing to watch!

Basspastor said...

Yeah, it was pretty good.