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Sunday, January 29, 2006

This Day

Last night I could not sleep and my mind wandered into thinking about the Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire and how I have lost the plot. The model for the main BP blog was supposed to be Instapundit; quick commentary with links farmed out to the various franchise blogs. Instead of that the BP blog is catching almost everything and the franchise blogs are whithering on the vine. For instance, many of my last few posts could have been farmed out to The Fishing Log Blog via link. Getting into the habit of that, in theory, should make the whole Blog Empire run easier.

So now I'm gonna try to get on the right track and breathe some inspiration into the B.P.B.F.E..

Today there was a Slab Slowdown in my fishing.

Avid Update: I actually did a respecable job of repairing the St. Croix Avid Ice Rod that got a wee too close to the propane lantern last night. I made something like a splint from a broken graphite rod blank and super glued it in place. Worked like a charm to fix the thing. BP is happy now.

Notables from the BASS Okeechobee Southern Tour
Bobby Lane's baby brother Chis won.
Terry Scroggins was 2nd
Takahiro Omori was 20th

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Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure (Paperback)
by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Good Book.

New Franchise Blog Coming Soon!

South Korean Winter Combat Fishing via The Bass Hole

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