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Thursday, January 19, 2006

No Slabs for You

Tried a new area of Platte for Ice Fishing; North of the Big Island where there is always a host of houses. Upon arrival I was invited inside a house to see this guys set up and Aqua View. It looked like the right kind of area weed and depth wise. He has been fishing the area since December and he seemed to pretty much be a pike fisherman. We watched sunnies in the camera and he told me he had seen a bass or two and caught a couple. Said he hadn't seen a crappie.

I went back to drill a few more holes, instantly attracted a fish in and caught it. Crappie. I managed to catch several small crappies and sunnies with one pike to boot. No slabs at all. The bite shut off as it got darker. I'll probably fish the same area tommorrow, which is today.

Meanwhile in Fanatsy Bass Fishing JT Kenney laid an egg, but could come back tomorrow; After all Day 1 don't mean Jack Squat!

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