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Monday, January 09, 2006

On the Family Vacation

So we headed to Florida on December 14th, a day with a winter snow advisory. Naturally we were off to a late start to begin with due too my medical appointment. Then mother misplaced her cell in the car, thought it was back home, thus causing us to waist 2 hours on the road time (1 hour back, 1 hour to get where we were.) There was also the bit about the house key which Mom already had in her bag but had thought we left. She found phone and the key while I was trying to get a key from the neighbors, cause the one we got from our neighbor Jenny was the old key and didn't fit the lock. We also got a bit crossed up in Eau Claire, WI and thus didn't even make it to Rockord IL.

Thus it took another 2 long days to make it to the McLeods. We spent the night and most of the next day at their place and then headed to the Condo at Daytona Beach Shores. The weather was cool and windy almost everyday we were there. I did a little fishing with my brother Steve on a couple of evenings. We got a bunch of bites and I got a small flounder, but that was it. Had fun eating cookies, and hanging out with the family especially niece Haley Jewel and Mom/mother to be Kim. Before I knew it Christmas had come, we (Todd, Kristen, Steve, Kim, Haley, Mom) went to the Christmas Eve service at the Drive in Church. Santa found the Christmas tree we put up in the Condo and we opened presents and then had a feast of Turkey and Ham with all the trimings and cookies we could eat. Christmas Night I went to See the movie: Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Movie Review: I'll give it an ambivilant OK. Was more for the kids than for adults. I'm hoping an extended DVD will make it a better movie for adults and kids.

We broke camp the on the morning of the 27th and headed back to the Mcleods that evening. Watched a bunch of movies at the Mcleods. On the 29th I went for an airboat ride which seriously racked my back.
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We did see a 10ft Aligator and the ride was pretty cool in general. We headed to my Uncle Bill and Aunt Donna's on the 30th and spent New Years Eve and Day with them. It was nice seeing my cousin's Bryan, Alan, and Denise as well. I was too lazy to get up and go see cousin John and family. Finally we were on the road and headed home on the 2nd.

We arrived back in the cities on my Birthday and had pizza and pie with Todd, Kristen, Isabelle (who of coarse was delightful to be around in Florida) Jeff and Erin and that's it. Now I'm back in the land of snow and cold. HooRay!

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