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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Camp and Shakopee

Been out fishin the last two nights.

Last night the Slab search went to Camp. A lake I've fished only once before in the winter. The action was slow then but the size was good in that previous trip. This night the fish were not into it, but I managed to force a few to bite. Got a 9" and the rest were small. Arrived about 4PM

Tonight, after much debate I decided to head to Shakopee. Arrived around 2:30. I immediately started smacking small sunnies and perch. I got a hammer handle and kept catching sunnies. Then I popped a 10" crip and thought I might be onto something as the sun went down. Managed to catch quite a few small crappies, along with more small sunnies and perch. Got 1 more keeper Crappie and kept one nice Sunny as well. I may have to try Shakopee during the week when it's warm as that I think if one could get on a school some nice fish are there to be had. The visibility was better than I expected it to be and the fish continued to bite after dark although slowly.

Finally cleaned my fish (7) and ate em for dinner

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