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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Slab Fever

Well I've caught it. Too bad I haven't caught any.

Today I got a little earlier start and headed across to the winter bass spot from a couple of years ago. The wind was a howlin' making things miserable as I tried to drill and get my bearings with the Aqua View. I did find some promising weed growth and a pike, so I decided to fish the area. I caught a couple of small sunnies and a perch before I got sick of it and headed out to "The Hole" about 3PM.

I arrived on the Northern tip of "The Hole" and it took about 30 minutes for anything to show up besides the snow flurries. I consistantly caught crappies off and on until about 7PM. The size range was small but all over the map, not the chips and just short of keepers like last night. I also got one pike and bullhead. I ended up keeping one 9" and one 9.75" I think I may have dropped another keeper or two; I think I had less quality bites than last night. However I have now shaken off the rust and am a crappie catching machine.

It is a disappointment that the quality of the fish just isn't there. I may try a couple of other spots before I write off Platte lake for slabbers

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