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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blog Neglect and Updates

It may be apparent that over the coarse of the Bass Pundit's existance I have let the blog fall into some disrepair. By the Grace of God I will be slowly working to update and improve the blog.

If you will notice on the right/sidebar I have added some links
Bass Zone
BassDozer (Greatest Bass Fishing "How to" Article site on the net)
HellaBass Bassin' Blog (MN)

Updated one:
Ohio Bass Fishing Blog

Deleted a couple:
The Bassholes
Kansas Bass Fishing
Bassin Blog (OH)

Hopefully I will get to the Blogroll-O-FishNblog in the near future as well as start adding to both that and the Blogroll-O-BassNblog. I also will be bringing another franchise blog online one of these days.

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