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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Day of Rest

Yesterday, I rested instead of fishing.

I did do some work on the blog however. If you will notice to the right on the side-bar I have added many a new Blogroll-O-FishNblog. One of the cool things about a blog can be it's blogroll which are links to other blogs. I would really like to keep on top of all the blogs devoted to Fishing and Bass Fishing in particular. Most of the new additions came from the blogrolls of other blogs.

It is a challenge to stay on top of this because it takes a concentrated effort to look for new blogs and than add to your template. Of coarse you also end up reading a little something from the blogs before blogrolling them which adds to the time consumption.

At this point I am disappointed that there are not more dedicated or partially dedicated Bass Fishing Blogs. Maybe they are out there and I just can't find them.

Speaking of Bassin Blogs here are some tips for Cabin Fever from Rich's Bass Tournament Fishing Blog.

For something funny goto Moldy Chum

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
Glad to see your blogging. Keeps me updated.